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Microsoft positioning new personnel and wearable controller for Xbox 720

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Microsoft positioning new personnel and wearable controller for Xbox 720

Microsoft's next-generation console, the Xbox 720, has been a topic of discussion the last couple of weeks and it continues to be one today with reports surfacing regarding a potential controller change and new personnel being hired by the technology giant.

First, another report has come up, stemming from the released public documents summarizing Microsoft's patent application from 2011, regarding potential innovations and changes that could be coming to the Xbox 720.

This time around, folks have been discussing the possibility of a wearable controller being developed by Microsoft.

The application filed summarizes a wearable electromyography-based controller that will supposedly measure muscle activity and will be able to control devices such as a gaming console, television, stereo, etc.
A wearable controller, much like a VR set, is something that has been talked about and even tried, but no one has been able to master the concept (the Oculus is pretty close with their VR headset).
This could be a valid and great way to change gaming, but it needs to be the right fit and also practical for gamers to fully embrace it.

In addition to the controller rumors, news broke on Tuesday regarding Microsoft signing a former CBS executive Nancy Tellem to help develop original content for Xbox.
"I am excited to be a part of the continued evolution of Xbox from a gaming console to the hub of every household’s entertainment experience.

"I look forward to building a studio team that embraces the challenges of creating true interactive content that the Xbox platform supports and to work with talent to create content that will change the way entertainment content is experienced and delivered," Tellem said.

In what seems to be a race among consoles to bring the most diverse content and unique features to their customers, this move by Microsoft only goes to show just how focused they are on not only bringing the best gaming to Xbox, but also the best entertainment.

We've already seen the impressive features and additions the Wii U will have, and it is going to be difficult for most people to resist not getting their hands on Nintendo's next console.

It's looking a lot like the next-generation of consoles will all not only be focused on bringing improved and superior gaming experiences, but they will also be looking to provide the most peripheral services and features possible.

What do you think the Xbox 720 will be featuring, aside from its gaming capabilities?

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Microsoft positioning new personnel and wearable controller for Xbox 720
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