Monday, November 5, 2012

N.J. earthquake causes stir in midst of Sandy recovery

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N.J. earthquake causes stir in midst of Sandy recovery

N.J. earthquake update: Early Monday morning, an earthquake in New Jersey rocked residents in the small town of Ringwood. The temblor measured only 2.0 on the Richter scale, but in the wake of Hurricane "Superstorm" Sandy and widespread power outages, the rare shaking was unsettling.

Monday, the Christian Science Monitor reported that many residents of the town -- less than an hour's drive north from New York, heard a boom at the time of the N.J. earthquake.World Hot Topics Blog

The National Earthquake Information Center reported that shaking was felt in Wanaque, Mahwah, Franklin Lakes, Oakland, West Milford and Paterson. The good news is there are no reports of injuries.
The New Jersey earthquake Monday was the second since February of 2010. Again, this was a mild seismic event, measuring only 2.2 magnitude.

Hurricane "Superstorm" Sandy tore through the East Coast last week and left a path of destruction through several states, mainly in New York and New Jersey. NBCNews reports that as of Monday, 1,389,000 million people in the Mid-Atlantic are without power, down from two million from the day before.

With Election Day Tuesday, round-the-clock efforts are underway to get power restored to residents and businesses.

Did the N.J. earthquake affect your area? Share your shaking experiences.

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