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Ten Ideas on Creating Family Traditions for Christmas Eve

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Ten Ideas on Creating Family Traditions for Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve can be a seemingly magical night, especially for young children. You can create treasured memories by establishing family traditions that they can look forward to each Christmas season. Using any one of the ten suggestions below can help you make Christmas Eve one of the most eagerly anticipated nights of the year. World Hot Topics Blog

1. Get in the kitchen and bake cookies or other goodies together. Make some for your own family as well as some to deliver to neighbors that evening or on Christmas Day. Set a couple of treats out on a plate as a snack for Santa Claus.

2. Have the kids put on their pajamas, take cups and a thermos filled with hot chocolate, and drive through your neighborhood and surrounding areas looking at Christmas lights and displays.

3. Pop some popcorn, then gather in the family room and watch your favorite Christmas show or movie.

4. Have a special Christmas Eve dinner. Serve some of the same foods from year to year. Use your best china, glassware and linens and eat by candlelight, with Christmas music playing softly in the background. World Hot Topics Blog

5. Dress up in holiday dresses or other Christmas attire and attend a Christmas Eve church service.

6. Eat an early dinner at home, then go out to a nice restaurant for dessert. While many eateries may close early in the evening, some stay open a bit later and are generally not very crowded.

7. Allow everyone to open one present on Christmas Eve. This could be the same type of gift each year, such as an ornament to commemorate a milestone that your child has reached during the year or something simple like a pair of Christmas pajamas.

8. Read Christmas stories together at bedtime. Try a children's book that contains the story of Jesus' birth or the traditional 'Twas the Night before Christmas.

9. Set up a treasure hunt around the house or in the yard with Christmas-related clues that lead the children to a special treat or a small gift. World Hot Topics Blog

10. Find a charitable organization that needs volunteer help either for Christmas Eve or in preparation for Christmas Day activities.

Spending time doing something together on Christmas Eve is a great way not only to build family relationships, but also to relax and unwind after the busyness of the holiday season.

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