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Ayurveda And Multitasking 

Multitasking is a key word for todays lifestyle. Each of us do it with our thoughts. 

is it really helpful for our body &  health ?

What exactly multitasking mean? 

How does it affects our health? 

Let's solve all this in Ayurveda way.

As it indicate, multitasking means doing more than one work at a time. 

Usually this refer to have more thoughts at a single time.

Thought is created by brain. Brain is located in skull, at upper most part of body. Brain works on glucose & oxygen supplied by blood. This blood is supplied by heart.

So, when we have a single thought brain is working in single way. As thought is brains own work it did not disturb its rythum. Heart too supply in a single rythumic way. This is a ideal situations for these vital organs. Nobody get hurts.
But, at multitasking, having more thoughts, brain have to work fast. Brain needs to work on several levels. At this point brains own rythum gets disturb. It requires more energy, so heart has to pump the blood towards the brain, against the gravity, which again requires more energy to heart. This all disturbed the working rhythm of brain & heart.

Surely, individual can't get hurt in a single incident. But because of this disturb rhythm these vital organ, VATT dosha get increase. Resulting in many unwanted sings like,

Loss of concentration
Head ache
Memory loss
Harmonal changes
Short temperness
Hyperactivity & Hyperness 
 World Hot Topics Blog

In many more cases Multitasking is a root cause for a disease. 

So, how can we avoid it.

First accept the thing that multitasking hurts. 

As you accept it, you will start to avoid it. 

In Ayurveda, there are two ways for it.

1) To improve strength of brain & heart with medication, good food, & by changing lifestyle.
2) To concentrate on single topic at a single time. If a second though comes in note it down, but don't keep in brain. Finish the first one & then go to second. 

This is called Switch on, Switch off method. This method looks difficult, but after some practice, you can enjoy the power of your brain. 

Hope this Helps to all busy Multitaskers 

 World Hot Topics Blog

For futher details Contact : 
Dr Amogh Deshpande
Ayurved Dep.Hardikar hospital
Shiwajinagar Pune – India
Mobile : 9860097753

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