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World Hot Topics Blog : How to Start Selling Physical Products Online

World Hot Topics Blog

How to Start Selling Physical Products Online

Last week I got an email from one of digmlm reader Sangeeta Wallia who is a budding entrepreneur and just started making home made chocolates under brand name of “Cocoa Art” and willing to learn that how one can start selling physical products online.
As I know that similar question was hitting my email account again and again from different business owners hence I decided to write this detailed post to help everyone who needs it.
P.S – Now you can send your questions using the box fixed below every article of digmlm and an expert will get back to you probably with an another article.

So what it takes to sell products online ?
  1. Have products to sell
  2. Create an official website with blog
  3. Use classified sites, online retailers and publishers
Here in this article you will learn extra points like how to contact retailers for selling physical products online, how to advertise your business the right way, list of 7 best advertisement programs, list of 10 Indian classified sites, list of 15 online shopping sites etc.
Have Products to Sell
Products means either physical or digital you can sell anything in today’s global market that can be operated from your home using an Internet connection with a PC.
So develop a product before thinking about online selling and keep it in your mind that every product will get success online as well as offline if the same is solving the peoples problem or giving satisfaction worth the equal amount you are charging.
If you have a product then it’s the best thing because you have full control over the product and you have a better future being an entrepreneur, while you can also become a re-seller who sells other’s products (that is also known as affiliate marketing) the same way anyone sells his own products or services online.
World Hot Topics Blog
Create an Official Website with Blog
Note* – Don’t choose between website and blog but have them both connected with each other.
If you are thinking of selling physical products online then their is no means of working without an official website including a blog because that would be the lading page where your products will get show cased and you will also build a brand in the mean time because people will come to know about you company and where you are situated from your about page and how you deals with the customers from your blog.
Your business blog will help you to announce anything like discount, offer, launching, partnership or else that would drive a huge traffic some time that ends with selling your company products or giving you a movement in social media or the main stream, media that would always help you to grow your brand the better way the big way.
An official website and blog of your company would act something like heart which pumps blood and keeps your body active and live, here your website and blog will help your business to grow and get stability due to building a brand name what is also have an online address and people can trust over the offerings because they knows you very well.
Use Classified Sites, Online Retailers and Publishers
Both the above points were targeting the beginner entrepreneurs who are thinking about building a presence online and getting their business expansion in online market that is huge and connected globally.
Now it is all about getting your products advertised and sold online from the day one after setting your products and services up for sell on your official website including the blog.
Here’s exactly how you will sell your products online ?
You will need a list of classified sites or the online shopping sites where you can add your products and showcase the same in between the targeted customers who are actually looking for the same category products or services you are dealing with but here you have to be different and more powerful than the competitors because when a customer comes online then he have a lot of time to do a good research before ending up buying anything.
After getting list of classified sites, online retailers and publishers –
So you have a list where you want to sell your company products then it’s a good thing because now you have a lot of customers in hand and you have to go infront of them but before thinking too much you have to pitch the sells managers of those sites you listed out and let them know that you have something valuable and in demand to add in their category.
Note* – You should always use Contact Form or Official Email for Business related queries.
Contacting Flipkart for Business
You should use contact form or official email of the online shopping sites, like I choose Flipkart for demonstration purposes and that is :-
Step 1. Flipkart contact form –
Step 2. Send us an email form
Step 3. Enter your email address
Step 4. Select issue type – Business Related Query
Step 5. Compose your query in the message box and click on send email
Send an email on –
So the online shopping sites will not allow you to create your account like you do in case of classified sites as some of them are listed below and you can create your business account today to get started for free.
World Hot Topics Blog
In case of eBay
No one can ignore sites like eBay when it comes to sell your company products online because here you will get highlighted in between millions of customers per month and they will surely buy from you if you have something to sell that is valuable, and they likes to give feedback too that will help in creating a better business in future.
And yes don’t forget reading this amazing book before creating your eBay store – eBay For Dummies (For Dummies (Computers))Description:
10 Sites like eBay –
You can create your official account on sites like listed above and offer your products to their potential customers who comes mainly yo do online shopping from home.
Who are publishers, I’m talking about ?
You have your official website and now you have to get ranking higher in search engines to get traffic and the main goal that is sells so take help of publishers where you can contact bloggers, social media experts, forum moderators, book authors etc because they can promote your site and offerings in their followers for free because they need news or say content to feed their audience and you are providing the same.
Some times you can also advertise your products or services on the publishers place if they are writing in similar niche you are dealing with like if you have something to sell in between the business owners and business minded students then you can look at digmlm advertising opportunities page.
Your advertisement campaign can be in any form like audio and video, textual or image based. Consider trying every available format of advertising because no one knows which form of advertisement will work for a company so you should run a test for few months and then stick with the best one.
Best Advertisement Programs
  1. Google Adsense
  2. BuySellAds
  3. Facebook Ads
  4. LinkedIn Ads
  5. StumbleUpon Ads
  6. Direct Banner Ads
  7. Reviews
And many more are there you can try but these are the most cost effective and lead giving platforms you can use in the beginning of advertising your business.
YOU have Something to ADD ?
If you thinks I forgot anything important about selling physical products online then please add the same in the comments below and don’t leave the page without sharing this article in your friends who might get it valuable and use it for developing their business to grow more and more.

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